Get to know us

The Useeble team is located at the Technical University of Eindhoven in The Netherlands, where the two founders met during their PhD.

Yari is the technical mind behind the technology, having done his PhD in this exact field. He has spent the last 5 years deep in the topic and carries an extremely rich knowhow of current indicator technologies and a lot of hands-on experience in product development.

As his counterpart, Marina has also completed her PhD in the same material science domain, but after her PhD, went to work at another startup where she worked as a technology scout for the last 3 years. Marina has acquired experience in business development and stakeholder management, having worked with more than 70 clients in the last 3 years.

Additionally to the founders, Useeble has two close advisors. Both carry deep technical knowledge and together add nearly a century of knowhow. One of them having been one of the first researchers to work with the materials that build Useeble’s inks!

Useeble is happy to host student interns which participate in laboratory work and technology development. Currently, they are working hard to support the development of the next generation of Useeble inks.

Bram Kloos Photography.

Our team

We strive to assure the highest product quality through our commitment to continuously innovate our smart inks.

Dr. Ir. Marina Pilz da Cunha
Dr. Ir. Yari Foelen

Prof. Dr. Albert Schenning

Professor functional materials and devices

Dr. Johan Lub

Scientific advisor

Jannus Pouwels

Intern coating characterization

Daan Cortenraede

Intern R&D chemist

Manon Ritten

Intern cold chain indicators